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How miCare Works

How miCare Works
for Employers

All clinic costs, including staffing, are invoiced on a pass-through basis – there is no markup. That’s how miCare lets you keep your competitive edge and boost employee satisfaction.

The Formula is Simple:

  • Medical Efficiency
  • At-cost Purchasing of Care
  • A Healthier Population Incurring Fewer Health Insurance Claims

How miCare Works for Members

Saves Time

Saves Time

Because a miCare health center is on-site or nearby, employees don’t need much time off to see a doctor. Streamlined services mean the average wait upon arrival is two minutes or less.

Reduces Cost

Reduces Cost

You’re buying health services at cost, with no markup or hidden fees. Members are more likely to seek primary care when the cost barrier is removed, reducing specialist visits later.

Improve Access

Improves Access

There’s no need to drive across town or wait weeks to receive care. Same-day appointments are available, and miCare can provide 85% of the health services your employees are likely to need.

Getting Started

No matter where you are in the decision-making process, a miCare
representative is happy to speak with you about your options.

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About Your Upfront Costs

Initial facility costs vary based on space requirements. You can renovate existing space at your worksite, lease a building, or construct a clinic from the ground up. A miCare Health Center takes less space than you might imagine. All you need is two small exam rooms, a small lab, doctor’s office, a bathroom, and a reception area. No waiting room is needed because there is no waiting!

Depending on your upfront costs, you’re likely to see a return on your investment within one to three years.

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When you decide you’d like to move forward
with a miCare Health Center, here’s what you
can expect from the process.

Our miCare team will:


Analyze your current benefit plan, including claims and usage patterns


Customize a proposal, based on the needs of your employee population


Develop an implementation plan, beginning with real estate needs


Build your health center and install all necessary equipment and technology


Recruit healthcare professionals to staff the clinic and train them as necessary


Kick off the clinic and communicate the benefits to the employees who will use it

What’s next?

Once your miCare Health Center is up and running, we will monitor and evaluate utilization and expenses on an ongoing basis to ensure positive health outcomes and a good ROI.

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This is YOUR Health Center

When you open a miCare Health Center, you control the cost and quality of care, and you establish the culture. This is what sets you apart from other employers.

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