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Our on-site or near-site Health Centers are convenient and affordable – and more effective than other care delivery models.

What is miCare?

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Based in Billings, Montana, miCare is changing the way employer-sponsored healthcare is purchased and delivered. Currently, miCare manages nine clinics in five states, providing medical services to over 10,000 plan members and employers that include municipalities, school districts, and private corporations.

The miCare model makes primary care more accessible, affordable, and personalized.

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Companies with on-site
medical clinics:


saw significant cost savings


reduced visits to
emergency room

*National Association of Worksite Health Centers study of companies with on-site medical clinics

miCare Lets You Contain Health Costs

Your miCare Health Center comes with no fine print or hidden agenda – just better care at a lower cost.

miCare offers exceptional value, as compared to the traditional fee-for-service model. We manage your clinic for a per-member monthly maintenance fee. All other expenses – staffing, medical supplies, etc. – are invoiced at cost on a pass-through basis. There are no markups or hidden charges.

miCare Lowers Plan Spending
While Providing Value:

Improved Access

Improved access to primary care results in fewer specialist visits and less emergency care overall.

Population Health Management

Population health management is a proactive rather than reactive model, resulting in healthier employees.

Prescription Drugs

Prescription drugs are purchased at cost and lab services are billed at contract rates for maximum savings.

Increase Savings

Increased savings in healthcare costs means more funds available to invest elsewhere in the organization.

Recruitment and Retention

Retention and recruitment efforts get a boost when employers have a more competitive benefit package.

Increased Productivity

Greater productivity and reduced absenteeism are two of the top benefits reported by miCare employers.

miCare Works – and We Have the Numbers to Prove it!

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miCare Drives a Culture
of Wellness

A miCare Health Center can provide 85% of the health services your employees would otherwise need an outside appointment for.

When you sponsor a miCare Health Center, your employees have quick and easy access to primary care and treatment for minor health conditions. By removing traditional barriers to care, you set the stage for increased engagement. Usage of primary care increases and people are empowered to improve their own health.

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"Primary care is essential to reaching the objectives that constitute value in healthcare: high quality care, good patient satisfaction, and efficient use of resources." - The Institute of Medicine, in a consensus study report

Who Can Benefit From a
miCare On-Site or Near-Site Health Center?

The miCare single-clinic model was designed for employers with 600 employees or more. Large corporations may have multiple health centers.

For smaller companies, miCare offers the option for multiple employers to share a clinic and spread out overhead expenses.

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miCare Team

Our leadership team is committed to delivering high-value health services and is always responsive to your concerns.

Darik Croft

Darik Croft, MBA

Chief Operating Officer

Todd Ragar

Todd Ragar, MD

Medical Director